Kids Code Mississippi Update / The K-12 Infosec Pipeline presented at bsidesjackson 2017

by Randy Lynn,

Summary : Randy is a partner and creative director at Maris, West & Baker Advertising and the co-founder of Kids Code Mississippi, an initiative to expand computer science education opportunities in our state. He has spoken about K-12 computer science at gatherings of educators, business leaders and elected officials; written articles and op-eds in local publications including The Clarion-Ledger, Parents & Kids, and Pointe Innovation; coordinated coding hackathons, workshops and camps throughout the state; and has served on two steering committees to guide the expansion of K-12 and post- secondary computer science education in Mississippi.
Randy will give the latest Kids Code Mississippi Update – An update about the growth of K-12 computer science education in our state. Randy will discuss possible Raspberry Pi Foundation news, and the CS4MS pilot and makerspaces.
The update will be followed by the K-12 Infosec Pipeline – Thoughts about early development of the InfoSec and Cybersecurity workforce for Mississippi from a K-12 perspective.