Securing Supercomputers for the DOD presented at bsidesjackson 2017

by George Moncrief,

Summary : George has programmed, administered, secured and managed supercomputers since 1997, sometimes all at the same time! He began as a programmer and system administrator in the 90s, and used the Force to turn that into a system security gig in the early 2000s. Being dissatisfied with questionable management decisions, he pestered (his words not ours) his way into a system and network security manager role, and finally data center operations management. Continuing to be dissatisfied with questionable higher management decisions, he champions organizational transparency and occasionally moonlights as a supercomputing system architect.
His talk, Securing Supercomputers for the DOD, will discuss the system architecture of general purpose supercomputers within the Department of Defense, the environment in which they operate, and how they are secured so that confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication and non-repudiation are maintained for their owners and users. George will review how these systems differ from standard server-class systems from well-known vendors, the components needed to operate at scales of more than one hundred thousand CPU cores, terabytes of memory and petabytes of disk storage. The talk will briefly discuss supercomputing applications and how those applications differ from those hosted by most datacenters as well.