PRACTICAL OUT-OF-BAND DATA EXFILTRATION IN 802.11 presented at bsideslisbon 2017

by Luís Mendes Gomes, João Pena Gil,

Summary : Out-of-Band exfiltration using 802.11 has been around for a while, but the code that is publicly available has limited functionality and not well suited for use in a real-world scenario.
In this talk, we will demonstrate a red-team vs. blue-team scenario live on stage, where an attacker will attempt to perform data exfiltration using the known techniques, and show how it is possible for the defense team to detect and even block or interfere with the exfiltration attempts. We will then escalate the red-team side by showing off a new method of data exfiltration that makes it a lot harder for the blue team to interfere, track or detect that it is in process, raising the bar for wireless IDS.