Confessions of a Red Teamer presented at bsideswellington 2017

by Pipes ,

Summary : “Attackers have bosses and budgets too” — Phil Venables
This is a talk for the Blue Team.
In information security, we spend a lot of time analysing what doesn’t work to protect the crown jewels from being stolen. We’ve all seen the debates that have raged regarding the effectiveness of AntiVirus, the importance of modernising password management and the dazzling failure of security appliances everywhere.
Numerous talks have been given on how everything from physical memory (rowhammer) to users actions (clicking stuff) can cause exciting, controllable issues with systems that can result in a compromise and make the blue team cry into their drinks.
But what security controls and methodologies actually work in 2017?
This talk will explore defensive technologies that have been proven to prevent, hinder, annoy and significantly increase the cost of adversaries targeting your systems. The subject matter will be wide ranging and cover both high level and technical controls.
Backed by field experience with case studies, we’ll take the time to look at what actually works to destroy the budget of your adversaries while keeping the red team awake at night.