When do we Belong? presented at bsideswellington 2017

by Aurynn Shaw,

Summary : Impostor syndrome is rampant in the tech communities and it’s hard to understand why. Drawing on her DevOps background and using Contempt Culture as a lens, aurynn analyses how tech culture builds group membership and constructs belonging, the difficulties that creates.
In this talk, aurynn dives in-depth on how impostor syndrome and deep feelings of alienation are the only possible result of how tech culture operates. By using Contempt Culture as our guide, we examine what belonging in tech looks like, how the ideas like the meritocracy are created, and how these ideas cause us to give ourselves impostor syndrome and deny us the tools to shed these feelings.
From how we construct impostor syndrome, aurynn will talk about how we can work to disrupt the feedback loop of isolation and alienation, and work towards building a more inclusive and welcoming culture.