Take a Lesson from Snowboarding and Recruit Kickass Women presented at bsideswellington 2017

by Toni James,

Summary : 15 years in the snowboard industry driving the initiative to raise the level of female participation in a male-dominated sport gives me a unique perspective on what infosec can learn from our experiences of recruiting women when ‘pink it and shrink it’ was an acceptable form of marketing.
Some concrete ideas on how the security and software industries need to look outside the tech industry and adopt successful initiatives to increase the participation of women in tech. We talk a mean talk about cultural fit, and then fail to look at industries based on culture that have tackled gender inequality and won.
Burton Snowboards started the Women’s Leadership Initiative which has seen the leadership team grow from 10% female to over 40% in the last 10 years. Nearly everything they do as a company is transferable to the tech industry, so come and see what works for you.