Next-Gen Mirai presented at deepsec 2017

by Fabian Bräunlein, Balthasar Martin,

Summary : Badly secured embedded devices enabled the largest DDoS attack on critical networks seen to date: The Mirai attacks in 2016 were largely pegged on Internet-exposed telnet with default credentials. While such telnet accounts are hopefully on their way out, we had a look at the next available hacking options to compromise masses of IoT devices.
It turns out that IP cameras can still be compromised remotely in many other ways - even if they are not exposed directly to the internet. In particular, we found issues in communication protocols, control servers and infrastructure design.
This talk details how we found such next-gen Mirai vulnerabilities, and will demonstrate a number of them. After seeing what we saw, you will have little doubt that there will always be a bot army of compromised embedded devices.