Out-Of-Order Execution As A Cross-VM Side Channel And Other Applications presented at deepsec 2017

by Sophia D’antoine, Jeremy Blackthorne, Bülent Yener,

Summary : Given the rise in popularity of cloud computing and platform-as-a-
service, vulnerabilities, inherent to systems which share hardware
resources, will become increasingly attractive targets to malicious
software authors.
In this paper, we introduce a novel side channel across virtual
machines through the detection of out-of-order execution. We cre-
ate a simple duplex channel as well as a broadcast channel. We
discuss possible adversaries for this channel and propose further
work to make this channel more secure, efficient and applicable
in realistic scenarios. In addition, we consider seven possible mali-
cious applications of this channel: theft of encryption keys, program
identification, environmental keying, malicious triggers, denial of
service attacks, determining VM co-location, malicious data injec-
tion, and side channels.