Demystifying the Ransomware and IoT Threat presented at lascon 2017

by Christopher Elisan,

Summary : We have seen a rise in Ransomware attacks in the past year. While we are recovering from these attacks a new wave of DDoS attacks using IoT devices suddenly thrust into the limelight. In this talk, I will discuss all the stages of a ransomware attack. How it works and how a researcher can handle each of the stages with tried and true analysis techniques. I will then shed light on how IoT are used in DDoS attacks by discussing how the malware used in the latest IoT DDoS attack works and how it can be manipulated for future attacks. Then I will discuss how a combination of Ransomware and IoT attacks can be a bigger threat in years to come.
Ransomware deployment technology and how to analyze them
Ransomware installation and how they are decrypted from the malware server
Ransomware encryption methodology and how to verify them
Ransomware payment method
Ransomware decryption
The IoT DDoS attack
Breakdown of IoT malware
How ransomware and IoT can combine to become one of the biggest threat we might face in the future