Cloud Ops MasterClass: Lessons learned from a multi-year implementation of cloud automation at scale presented at lascon 2017

by Michael Osburn, Nathan Wallace,

Summary : How can you effectively manage cloud operations for over 80 different agile DevOps teams? Automated Guardrails. What are guardrails, how do you implement them at scale and how do they work across the entire cloud stack: Networking, Security, IAM, Service Whitelisting, OS Hardening, and Patching.
In this talk you will learn about the challenges of running Cloud Operations at scale, what problems moving to a multi-account model for application and service isolation solves, and typical issues that arise from that approach for a Cloud Operations team.
The talk will walk you through the real-life benefits, challenges, and approaches to using automation to maintain security, compliance and manage day-to-day drudgery of Cloud Operations; enabling the cloud operations team to focus on higher value activities. Additionally, we will explore how to get the most out of automation tooling like [Turbot](, [Terraform]( & [Ansible](; and discuss how to collaborate with these vendors to address your unique technical challenges.