Attack Vectors in Biometric Recognition Systems presented at lascon 2017

by Clare Nelson,

Summary : Attack Vectors in Biometric Recognition Systems: Mobile Authentication Use Case, Blockchain, and More.
Biometrics can be used to recognize individuals based on biological or behavioral characteristics. The subversion of biometric recognition systems by determined adversaries played out in headlines for Touch ID, Samsung Galaxy S8 face, and Samsung Galaxy S8 iris. It is only a matter of time until Face ID is spoofed.
What does it mean to subvert a biometric recognition system?
Is it possible to reverse-engineer a biometric template?
Is it possible to deceive machine learning in a biometrics recognition system?
What is anti-spoofing, otherwise known as Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)?
Why is it so difficult for a biometric recognition system to tell the difference between you and an imposter?
Topics include:
•Vulnerabilities •Attack Diagram •Spoofing •Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) •Mobile Device Vulnerabilities •TABULA RASA, ISO, NIST •Template Security and Evolution • Biometrics and Blockchain •The Future