ODA: A Collaborative, Open Source Reversing Platform in the Cloud presented at shmoocon 2018

by Anthony Derosa, Bill Davis,

Summary : When a new globally menacing piece of malware is detected, consider how many separate efforts are launched to reverse the same binary, with teams of researchers all around the world working redundantly, creating the same functions, comments, and annotations. This gratuitous duplication of effort stems from the lack of good collaboration tools for reverse engineering. We can solve this problem with a tool for distributed collaboration–a tool that combines the project management capabilities of GitHub with the collaboration features of Google Docs and the analytical power of IDA Pro.ODA (onlinedisassembler.com) is a reverse engineering platform that provides a collaborative reversing experience hosted in the cloud. With ODA, groups of people can collaborate on reversing the same binary and share their contributions in real time. ODA seeks to become “GitHub and Google Docs meets IDA Pro.”Up until now, ODA has been a closed source effort. At ShmooCon 2018 we are open sourcing the entire code base and announcing several new features. This talk introduces the audience to the features and design of ODA, demonstrates new features, and presents a roadmap for the future, which can only be achieved with the help of the open source community.