Hacking the News: an Infosec Guide to the Media, and How to Talk to Them presented at shmoocon 2018

by Sean Gallagher, Steve Ragan, Paul Wagenseil,

Summary : Infosec researchers, experts, and hackers in general have a…fraught relationship with media, ranging from exploitive to adversarial. Recent episodes, including the doxxing of Marcus Hutchins by UK media and sensational coverage of his arrest, don’t help, nor do broadcast media reports that are often factually incorrect or even damaging to the security of those who take the reports as gospel. And researchers looking to get out word to the general public are often (based on anecdotal data) confused or intimidated by themedia machine.This presentation seeks to demystify how news media work, the strengths and weaknesses of each channel of communications, and how to effectively interact with journalists in a way that is constructive and productive. I am an infosec and national security reporter–ask me anything.