Firetalk #1: That’s No Moon(shot)! presented at shmoocon 2018

by Beau Woods,

Summary : We don’t need a Cyber Moonshot; we’ve got enough already. Computing technology is enabling multiple concurrent revolutions, in biotechnology, manufacturing, robotics, AI, and literal rocket engineering. These are our Moonshots, fueled by governments, companies, and tinkerers, powering the growth engine of the global economy and reshaping society. Our futures, linked together, and dependent on the same vulnerable, exposed technology we cannot seem to safeguarded from deliberate attacks and indiscriminate accidents.In one sense we are crash test dummies on untried rocketsleds; in another, we hold the capabilities for preservation within our own hands. The collective Infosec knowledgbase is fairly well understood, yet fairly poorly distributed. We may not know just how to succeed; but we know a lot about how to fail and what to avoid. We don’t lack fundamental science or engineering practices, we lack the will and incentives to do what we already know.