Ask An Expert: Cyber Career Guidance and Advice presented at BsidesNova 2018

by Sarah Edwards, Chris Gates, Ovie Carroll, Micah Hoffman, Kirby Plessas, Tigran Terpandjian, Bob Gourley, John Terbush, Lea Hurley, Neal Mcloughlin, Willie Lumpkin,

Summary : There are many instances where having someone more experienced help you out can be beneficial. This is one of those times!Navigating the complicated waters of cyber security careers can be challenging.Do you get the Masters degree or go for the CISSP?How do you start on the path to a cyber career?What jobs might you be good at?What is the next step in an established career?We assembled experts from a variety of backgrounds to help you advance your career, get involved, and answer your career questions.From government employees to entrepreneurs, from management to highly technical professionals; we have experts that can help you with your cyber security questions or who knows someone that can.Come and meet one-on-one with our experts in an easy, casual setting. Bring your questions.Here are our advisors:

Sarah Edwards: Sarah is an experienced digital forensic examiner who has worked with various federal law enforcement agencies. She has performed a variety of investigations including criminal, counter-intelligence, and counter-terrorism. Sarah has a BS in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology (2004) and a MS in Information Assurance from Capitol College (2010). Sarah’s day job at Harris Corporation consists of working with federal law enforcement to investigate intrusion incidents.