RED TEAM APOCALYPSE presented at bsidestampa 2018

by Beau Bullock, Derek Banks,

Summary : TABLETOP SCENARIO: Your organization regularly patches, uses application whitelisting, has NextGen-NG™ firewalls/IDS’s, and has the latest Cyber-APT-Trapping-Blinky-Box™. You were just made aware that your entire customer database was found being sold on the dark web. Go. Putting too much trust in security products alone can be the downfall of an organization. In the 2015 BSides Tampa talk “Pentest Apocalypse” Beau discussed 10 different pentesting techniques that allow attackers to easily compromise an organization. These techniques still work for many organizations but occasionally more advanced tactics and techniques are required. This talk will continue where “Pentest Apocalypse” left off and demonstrate a number of red team techniques that organizations need to be aware of in order to prevent a “Red Team Apocalypse” as described in the tabletop scenario above.