Phishing Forensics - Is it just suspicious or is it malicious? presented at BSidesIndy 2018

by Matt Scheurer,

Summary : What thoughts currently make tech defenders uneasy as they go to bed at night? Despite implementing and properly configuring the latest technological controls and security solutions into our environments, end users typically remain the most vulnerable point of entry into nearly any network. Unfortunately, only one misstep by a single user provides attackers with the foothold they need to begin compromising an entire enterprise network environment. The safety of our inboxes is a key initiative on the battlefront of protecting staff from the scourge of phishing and spear phishing attacks. We will perform a deep-dive look at the latest techniques used by criminals to bypass security products and traditional defense-in-depth strategies. We then focus heavily on conducting a digital forensic investigation on a sample phishing email message. Topics covered include technical analysis of message headers, message source code, message attachments, and malicious landing web pages even when a dedicated sandbox environment is unavailable.