FailTime: Failing towards Success presented at BSidesCharm 2018

by Sean Metcalf,

Summary : The vast majority of talks are about a person or a team's successes. What they discovered, why it matters, what the impact is… But rarely do you get to peak behind the curtain and see the challenges they encountered and the barriers to success.The goal of this talk is to explore failure as an often necessary component in being successful. If I'm successful, it's because I fail frequently. I also constantly test new approaches and attempting to validate new ideas. I provide several case studies of my failure in security research and other IT and other less technical topics. This presentation includes anecdotes from others in the security industry have failed and how they dealt with it (with their permission). Most people we look up to have dealt with different levels of failure. How they dealt with it and what they did next is what matters. So, how do we overcome the depression and fatigue of failure? How to keep on moving forward when something just isn't working?Come to this talk to commiserate and better understand how to learn from failure.