Incident Response in Your Pyjamas presented at SecuriTay 2018

by Paco Hope,

Summary : When security incidents happen, you often have to respond in a hurry to gather forensic data from the resources that were involved. You might need to grab a bunch of hard drives and physically visit the data centre to capture data from the systems. And that would mean getting dressed. When infrastructure is in the cloud, you have remote access and APIs for managing all your infrastructure, so you can respond to incidents with automation and do your forensic analysis in your bunny slippers. But is it as good as the capabilities you have in a data centre? Is getting dressed the price you have to pay for high quality forensics and incident response? In this talk Paco will explain the two major domains of cloud events (infrastructure domain and service domain) and describe the security and incident response techniques pioneered by AWS customers like Mozilla, Alfresco, and Netflix. He'll explain how to isolate resources to preserve the integrity of the data; get RAM dumps and disk image snapshots; and identify unauthorised changes to cloud resources using API tools and logs. And all of this while wearing pyjamas.