Ethical Social Engineering: Soft Skills for Workplace Success presented at SecuriTay 2018

by Mark Hunter,

Summary : Many technically-oriented degree programmes do an excellent job of providing students with a thorough grasp of technical and engineering skills and material, but fall short of providing the soft skills necessary to successfully deploy these in a professional or workplace environment. Yet these are the skills that will help the student not only advance swiftly in their field, but become a sought-after member of a project team. This talk will give a brief overview of the three essential soft skills that will help the student transitioning into the workplace be viewed as an individual rather than a resource, and ensure clients, customers and colleagues are treated as people rather than clueless bumblers, meme bros, or competitors:i. Courtesy and respect - listening, valuing, retaining integrity.ii. Active listening and self awareness - considering before judging, paying attention and demonstrating, reflecting back, relevant questions, summarisationiii. Professionalism - responsibility, teamwork, "yes and but"It concludes with some thoughts on how these techniques can be pulled together in a way that reflects and enhances the best you and the role of experience and continual development throughout the security professional's career.