Incident Response Orchestration & Beyond : The CISO and Senior Leadership’s Best Approach to Cyber Defense presented at CyberSecuritySummitDenver 2018

by Doug Copley, Keith Mccammon, Ryan Spelman, Vic Bhatia, Mark Thames, Kurt Van Etten,

Summary : Fact: A 2018 report researched by PwC interviewed 9,500 executives from 122 countries revealed that 54% do not have an incident response plan and 44% did not have an overall info security strategy. That indicates that the future of successful cyber attacks is inevitable. This panel discusses “Security Orchestration” which unites the security teams or “human element” with pre-existing automated tools and processes around security incidents. Effective alerts, automated incident response actions with solutions that integrate & communicate with each other can all assist in making sense of the breach and respond in an orchestrated fashion. A proper plan also includes a communication process incorporating the legal, law enforcement, insurance and public relations team. Today’s CISO needs to anticipate, and predict how the security challenges of the future may affect the business and be able to articulate that to the board along with eventually disseminating the breach to the media & public.