Surfin on you CAN-bus presented at ConfidenceKrakow 2018

by Thomas Fischer,

Summary : The content of my presentation consists of three parts and for each part I also could provide some hands-on exercices.The first part covers the basics about modern automotive electronics. I would give as small introduction to the most-common Bus-types (as CAN, LIN or SWCAN) which are in use since the 90's. Then I would close the first part with an overview of the different components like bus-systems, Electronic Control Units (ECU) (the different “computers”), the sensors and how they interact together to build the foundation of modern cars. Attendees will get introductions on different attack vectors and what the limits of each vector is. The second part provides an overview over available open source hardware. At the moment you could choose from a view Plattform or build your Plattform all by yourself. After more than 2 years practice with Arduino based-interfaces, I could show the participants how to debug errors and how to use networking tools to interact with different interfaces for automotive bus-systems.The third part would cover how to work with real-world collected samples. If there would be a hands-on part, Attendees could also sniff, alter and inject packages to real CAN-bus devices.The intended audience for my presentation are hackers and security researchers, interested in the internal communication of cars. Researchers and hackers will get the needed information how to connect to most cars newer than 1992. This session provides a perfect introduction to car hacking. It also covers new possibilities with open source hardware which at the moment starts to be available. I would close my presentation with an outlook, how to use the learned skills on modern industrial bus-systems. The participants need to bring their own notebook with a Linux or Windows operating system. Access to the Internet has to be available. I expect a basic understanding of networks or bus-systems because it makes it easier to follow the different parts of my presentation. The participants will get a solid foundation and a sharp toolkit to conduct their own research with modern automotive bus systems. Modern cars are more computers connected together with wheels and an engine attached. The attendees will get access to the possibilities to connect, sniff, alter and inject packets into the different bus-systems used in modern cars. They will get an understanding of how the different ECUs and sensors act together to build the foundation of modern cars and where they better should not mess with.