Anomali- Building an Effective Threat Intelligence Program presented at E-Crime&CyberSecurityLondon 2018

by Niall Macleod,

Summary : This seminar will cover what goes into a good threat intelligence program: where do I get data from, how should it be managed and how to use it effectively. We’ll refer to the recent SANS 2018 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey for background and we’ll look at why implementing a threat intelligence platform (TIP) isn’t the end of the process. Finally we’ll cover a complimentary threat modelling methodology that focusses on the effects of a breach, not the causes.What attendees will learn:Where to collect threat data from?Managing the relevance of threat data (internal and external)Sharing threat data through ISACs or peer communities.Adding workflows around Anomali’s threat intelligence platforms Threat modelling with STRIDE-LM