SecureData- Battlefield Earth 2018: It used to be security was a network thing presented at E-Crime&CyberSecurityLondon 2018

by Charl van der Walt,

Summary : Firewalls, proxies, IDS/IPS, VPNs, Network Vulnerability Scanners. THOSE were the tools of any pureblood security practitioner. Well, those days are gone dear friends. The perimeter is dead and the battle is now on the desktop. Phishing, Malicious Ads, Browser Exploits, Macros, Malware, DDE and Malicious Mail Rules now, well, rule. Since the launch of the Jericho Forum in 2004 we’ve all know that Perimeter is ‘Dead’. But rapid attacker evolution in the last few months have finally proven this with a force we can no longer afford to ignore. What attendees will learn:Discover what security leaders like Google are doing in this space. See these attacks in action in real-life environments Consider that it’s time to put aside your network skills and rapidly develop some deep security skills in Exchange, Windows Desktop, Browsers, Outlook and Microsoft Office.