Grandmothers, Gangsters, Guerrillas and Governments presented at ISSWAustin 2018

by Brian Contos,

Summary : Brian will explore threat actors including insiders, cybercriminals, hacktivists and nation-states. He will dissect how these actors operate and analyze their techniques to better understand what makes each group successful. This presentation will translate the “who, how and why” of cyberattacks. He will identify multiple “old school” and modern-day threat vectors and organize attacks by motives like financial and political. Each threat actor type will be explored in detail with real-life use cases and personal accountants based on my work in security in over 50 countries and 6 continents for the last 20 years. Threat actors are motivated by financial, political and personal reasons. They act alone or in concert with others. Regardless, we hear all too often about attacks risking lives, destroying assets, threatening national security, and damaging businesses. He will explore profiles of each threat actor type to better understand the risks that each pose. By better understanding our enemies, our security can be more effective.