GDPR: Why it Matters Now! presented at SourceBoston 2018

by Thomas Fischer,

Summary : Let’s explore what is covered by GDPR and how it may impact your organisation answering questions such as do I need to have a DPO; I don’t do business directly in the EU when does GDPR affect me; what data is affected? While many vendors have driven a compliance theme, we will cover why GDPR is not about compliance but about changing key processes and procedures such as incident response. The session will also include an interactive audience polling intended to provide insight on the potential impact GDPR will have on companies and steps InfoSec teams need to consider.Some of the key take aways from this session:Key aspects of GDPR that will impact Applications, IT and InfoSec teams, and how to prepareWhy GDPR extends beyond compliance and how to build it into your IR programHow GDPR will impact future legislations and best practices on how to prepare