New Norms and Policies in Cyber-Diplomacy presented at blackhatUSA2018 2018

by Jeff ( Dark Tangent ) Moss, Jane holl Lute, James Andrew Lewis, Christopher Painter,

Summary : After the last round of the UN sponsored consultations on international cybersecurity collapsed in 2016, the international situation in cyber diplomacy has been in flux: will there be other UN rounds of discussion? Will private sector-organized initiatives claim a role? And what norms and rules of behavior in cyberspace for state and (and non-state actors) will be agreed? The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace has been working on these issues, and at Black Hat some of its members will discuss the new norms (e.g. safeguarding the critical infrastructure of the Internet, protecting electoral systems from attack, etc.) as well as provide insight into some of the current thinking of the Commission, as well as government, international organizations, and major corporations working on the subject worldwide.