How to Start a Cyber War: Lessons from Brussels -EU Cyber Warfare Exercises presented at BSidesLasVegas 2018

by Chris Kubecka,

Summary : Nation-state offensive digital attacks are on the rise. Especially considering the news headlines. But, what is cyber warfare and what’s realistic? Come on a journey into a twisted but realistic game scenario with real-world implications. What decisions would you make considering the tools at your disposal? Embassy insider threats, leaked Intel agency data & tools, hacked back the wrong system, all the way up to causing mass casualties on internet connected mass transit. Who are your diplomatic “”friends”” and who can you trust? This presentation gives participants a (sanitised) peek behind the diplomatic curtain, revealing some of the challenges, decisions and tools at their disposal. What US allies are preparing for and expectations. How your organisation can use similar techniques such as cooperating with peers against market-wide attacks, scrutinising data before attribution and how computer emergency response teams can help. Studying the outcome, what can be done to improve the situation.