Engaging the Media: Know Your Target presented at BSidesLasVegas 2018

by Jen Ellis, Sean Gallagher, Steve Ragan, Paul Wagenseil, Joe Cox,

Summary : Cybersecurity needs more and better ambassadors, particularly on topics that relate to cybersafety, where creating positive social change is more time-sensitive to avoid public harm. A significant part of this is learning how to work with the many media outlets and publications that regularly cover cybersecurity stories. Unfortunately, security coverage can often be sensationalist and counter-productive. It falls to us to provide reporters with the right information to cover complex and sensitive cybersafety topics appropriately. To help attendees learn how best to work with reporters, the I Am The Cavalry Track will have two complementary back-to-back sessions on “Engaging the Media.” Come for one or stay for both.In “Know Your Target,” four highly respected reporters that regularly cover cybersecurity will share their war stories of working with the security community. They will give you insight into the potential pitfalls of both intentional and unintentional media engagement, and will help you understand how best to build productive relationships with cybersecurity writers. They will also highlight tips and tricks for successful media briefings. This session is an informal panel discussion.