Implementing the Three Cs of Courtesy, Clarity, and Comprehension to Optimize End User Engagement presented at BSidesLasVegas 2018

by Courtney K,

Summary : User interaction is fundamental to successful IT operations within an organization. A disconnect between the end user point of view and the IT professional is growing. For many IT professionals, the so-called “soft skills” required to have successful interactions with end users are non-existent.Users become dissatisfied and unwilling to adopt change, while the IT professional struggles to maintain policy. The solution to help bolster these trying interactions is by emphasizing the use of the three Cs: courtesy, clarity, and comprehension. It has been observed that when engaged, user satisfaction and willingness to comply increases greatly and allows success for the IT professional to accomplish their goals.This talk takes a deeper dive into these meanings and provides useful, applicable tips on how an IT professional can apply them.