Don't Bring Me Down: Are You Ready for Weaponized Botnets? presented at BSidesLasVegas 2018

by Cheryl Biswas,

Summary : We’re seeing an evolution in botnets. The impact of Mirai bringing down a huge swath of the internet two years ago raised awareness but the release of the Mirai code has raised a new army of botnets that are capable of more than just DDOS on basic systems. But Mirai isn’t the only botnet in town. There are some serious contenders with unexpected enhancements looking for new recruits to work in the bitcoin mines. Routers and cameras and toasters -oh my! The ongoing deluge of devices that connect to the Internet is an IoT nightmare, and an attacker’s dream. Default credentials and weak passwords are only the beginning. Especially with a bevy of unpatched, vulnerable systems on which to unleash some substantial exploits. Persistence and lateral movement ftw! DDoS isn’t just child’s play when attacks are in the realm of terabytes. What happens when we move past outages, and into destructive payloads? And what happens when weaponization meets automation? In this talk, we’ll explore what may come next when nation states move into the turf once held by script kiddies, and build-a-bot gets leveled up in a very bad way.