Transforming Industries for Fun and Safety presented at BSidesLasVegas 2018

by David Rogers, Beau Woods, Jeff Troy, Pete Cooper, John Sheehy,

Summary : I Am The Cavalry presents two case studies on shifting mindsets of security researchers and a focus on cyber safety. The first outlines first positive steps in the aviation industry toward safer skies. The second looks at security research community contributions to US and UK government policy documents.The aviation industry has long managed the risks of physical attacks, now it must also manage the risks of digital attacks. To do this will take a close collaborative effort between the aviation industry, government, industry bodies and security researchers. Yet those relationships are strained. This panel will discuss the current challenges and how we can help foster a collaborative relationship between all the key stakeholders so that we can keep the aviation industry as safe as it currently is.For the past several years, ideas from the security research community have been quietly making their way into public policy positions. When the FDA, DHS, NHTSA, and UK government have put together new policies on IoT security, privacy, and safety, some have had an ace up their sleeve: direct contact with security researchers. This discussion will cover some of the relevant policies, how researchers have contributed, and what this looks like in the aggregate.