PANEL: DEF CON GROUPS presented at DefCon26LasVegas 2018

by Jayson E. Street, Jeff ( Dark Tangent ) Moss, Tim Roberts, Brent White, S0ups , Casey Wright,

Summary : Do you love DEF CON? Do you hate having to wait for it all year? Well, thanks to DEF CON groups, you're able to carry the spirit of DEF CON with you year round, and with local people, transcending borders, languages, and anything else that may separate us!In this special event, your DEF CON groups team who works behind the scenes to make DCG possible will introduce themselves and provide status updates. After we're done talking, the remainder of time will be an informal open floor right there in the room to mingle and talk all things DCG.There will be a:Designated area in the room for those wanting to start/join a groupDesignated area in the room for those wanting to share project ideas