Shooting Puny Phish in a Barrel presented at toorcon2018SanDiego 2018

by Michael Wylie,

Summary : With millions of phishing Emails caught be spam filters and users properly trained by well-defined cybersecurity programs, it’s getting harder and harder to properly phish users. Spear phishers must come up with new and improved methods for increasing success. Typosquatting, doppelganger domains, and IDN homograph attacks will be explored and demonstrated during this presentation. Most fully patched modern browsers and Email systems are susceptible to these attacks. This talk will discuss the problem and how to avoid falling victim to some of the best recently discovered domain named based attacks designed to inject malware and steal your passwords.The goal of this presentation is to make IT and Security professionals aware of newly identified techniques used to get high click rates during phishing campaigns. The talk will introduce new research conducted using typosquatting, doppelganger domains, and IDN homograph attacks. Current research and demonstrations will show how the attacks working against current and patched applications. This presentation will cover the following topics: - Phishing campaigns & how they work - Research conducted using typosquatting, doppelganger, and IDN homographic attacks - The true cost of failing to protect against malicious phishing attacks - Countermeasures to defend against these new techniques - Why security awareness training won’t help protect against doppelganger and IDN attacks - How to bypass patched web browsers to spoof Emails/domains - How to setup a highly successful phishing campaign in the cloud for $17