Jump Into IOT Hacking with the Damn Vulnerable Habit Helper Device presented at DerbyConVIIIEvolution 2018

by Nancy Snoke, Phoenix Snoke,

Summary : In this talk, husband and wife team Phoenix and Nancy Snoke introduce the Damn Vulnerable Habit Helper (DVHH) IOT device. DVHH contains a hardware device, mobile application, web application and associated api calls / network communication. DVHH was built to make getting started in IOT hacking more accessible to everyone. This talk will introduce the DVHH. We discuss why we created DVHH, how it is architected, and how to get started using it. As hardware hacking seems to be the sticking point for many on hacking IOT, this talk will include Phoenix talking an audience member through a live hardware hacking demonstration on the DVHH device (chosen at random). A parts lists and instructions / schematic will be given for the hardware inclined who wish to build their own device. All necessary parts can be bought for under 30 dollars. Several prebuilt hardware devices will be available for demo purposes.