Pwning Google Earth presented at ekopartySecurityConference 2018

by Fabián Cuchietti,

Summary : In this opportunity, we will use Google Earth as attacking vector through KMZ files. A KMZ is a type of compressed file that contains KML files (Keyhole Markup Language) inside. Besides, KML is a type of KML note used to add geographic information related to maps based on the internet, such as Google Maps. A KML file can include locations, images, marcs, 3D model and text descriptions. These type of files are a good format to spread Malware. Its spreading would be very easy, since it's not a suspicious file format as executable, for example. Furthermore, it makes it difficult to detect the malicious code on its inside due to its compression.There will be three key points during this talk:Google Account take-overCode Execution (shell)Monero Mining