MAME: +20 Years of Reverse-Engineering for the Sake of Emulation & Preservation presented at ekopartySecurityConference 2018

by Roberto Fresca,

Summary : A lot of inner technical things like forensics, reverse-engineering, disassembly, analysis, cracking, hacking, decryption, trojaning, to understand and document each platform and emulate each component (RAM, ROMs, buses, CPUs, Microcontrollers, PLDs equations, sound and video devices, among protection layers and dedicated or customs chips), to create a “virtual” platform where the program, sound and graphics ROMs devices “think” that they are laid out in a real hardware, and start to work the same way. From RX and melt down a suicide epoxy brick with CPU + battery backed RAM + PLDs and TTL logic, to decrypt and crack a four-rounds Feistel Network to beat an evil encryption scheme. Memory maps creation, interrupts, bankswitching and a lot of exciting things that bring us to those old times, where some of us used to disassemble different programs trying to crack things for good.