Blackberry Mobile Spyware presented at ShmooCon 2011

by Tyler ( Txs ) Shields (Veracode ),

Summary : In his presentation, “Blackberry Mobile Spyware – The Monkey Steals the Berries,” Tyler Shields focused on spyware used as a tool to steal personal and private data from computers and mobile devices like the Blackberry Mobile and others. Shields explained how the spyware is typically installed on unsuspecting users’ computers and mobile phones where it can monitor, capture, log, and depart with data targeted by an attacker.
Shields introduced “TXSBBSpy,” spyware source code used by security researchers to assist the development of security mechanisms

Tyler ( Txs ) Shields: Tyler Shields is a Senior Researcher for the Veracode Research Lab whose responsibilities include understanding and examining interesting and relevant security and attack methods for integration into the Veracode product offerings. He also keeps track of new developments from other computer science and information security researchers to ensure that Veracode technologies are always kept in line with the most recent security advancements.