Keynote: We're All Gonna Die presented at DeepSecVienna 2018

by Peter Zinn,

Summary : Let’s kick off this conference with a frank frolic into the future. What better way to start the morning than investigating several ways our civilisation could end, including, of course, Cybergeddon. ICT and Internet started out with a promise of a utopian future, where all we humans had to do was lay back, sip a drink, and tweet a bit. And everybody believed it. Except you of course. Well, they have been tricked. Again… But now that the dark side of ICT raises its ugly head so high that maybe even those outside the security community can smell its foul breath we will all surely wake up, get together, and create a safer world.Nah… Probably not. On the contrary: it is only getting worse. And in this uplifting and inspiring talk I will tell you exactly why.