Keynote: Power, Patience, and Persistence: Chihiro’s Grand Strategy for Cyberspace presented at CODEBLUE2018@TOKYO 2018

by Kenneth Geers,

Summary : In the opening scene of Spirited Away, a young girl peers into a long dark tunnel, and she is terrified. Governments today see the challenge of cybersecurity in the same way. The power of information technology is bewitching: full of immense opportunity but also considerable risk – just like Miyazaki’s spirit world. To thrive, national security decision makers must have a Grand Strategy for Cyberspace that not only orchestrates political, military, and social resources, but also includes international allies. None of this will be easy. This presentation therefore looks at the evolution of grand strategy in the Internet era – and takes its inspiration from the power, patience, and persistence of the heroine Chihiro.