~Securing~ Attacking Kubernetes presented at hacktivity2018 2018

by Vincent Ruijter,

URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl3la4zHou4&t=0s&list=PLbrZ_OVEaffK2bi8mmSHAFiZ3YXUSktSO&index=15

Summary : This talks' focus lays on a popular containerization tool called Kubernetes. Common implementations of Kubernetes are not secure by default and a lot of information about hardening is not known to the public. Since version 1.7 the security level has increased and common security misconfigurations have been mitigated. During this talk it will be demonstrated what happens if these mitigations are not applied and how to abuse them. The talk will be about both securing and attacking the platform and could be considered a 'purple team' talk. Multiple live demos are planned, most of them ending in a guest-to-host escape and a root shell.