The Nigerians are in the Spajz presented at hacktivity2018 2018

by Gabor Szappanos,


Summary : Nigerian criminals have been heavily involved in email scams for decades and they are very active even today. The Internet is full of evidence on how clumsy they are in their operations, burning themselves. Yet they manage to steal in a total of billion dollars per year, according to FBI estimates. The presentation will explain how both can be true.They started with the classic 419 scams and then moved on to CEO spoofing. The latest development of this process was the transition to the (slightly) more sophisticated business email compromise (BEC) schemes, most notably payment diversion. Our virus lab monitored closely the related activities over a long period of time, which gave us a valuable insight into this criminal scheme. The presentation will explain how the Nigerian scammer groups are set up, and what are the procedures that they follow during their operations.These criminals are not highly sophisticated computer experts. Instead of developing their own solutions, they heavily rely on commercial offerings from the underground markets. The presentation will show the most important tools that are popular with the Nigerian criminals, including keylogger builders, cryptors, Office exploit generators, mass-mailers.