“Double D! Diagnose | Detonate” presented at BSidesPerth 2018

by Nicholas Cairns,

Summary : As defenders of devices, networks and systems we need to understand the threats we face! Without knowledge and wisdom (leveraging Diagnosis) we cannot combat cybercriminals. To gain knowledge, we must dive deep into the face of peril, let’s call that Detonate.There is an ever growing problem in cybersecurity because people want to know how things happened but don’t want to take the time to understand “”why””.I will lead you through a malware infection chain that results in defensive recommendations. I will also show you why and how it happened and how we can gain intelligence, knowledge and wisdom.Over the years I have failed so many times that I know where the gaps are and how we (as a collective) within infosec can fill those gaps. Knowledge transfer is king! I want to empower you to fail more, ask more and gain wisdom through, asking why!