O365 - Navigate the Rabbit Hole presented at BSidesPhiladephia 2019

by Jim Menkevich,

Summary : Microsoft has successfully transformed their perpetual license panacea into a service revenue juggernaut. Microsoft Office365 (O365) offers a suite of business productivity and collaboration tools providing an “operating system” for business. At its core, O365 offers email, instant messaging, intranet, and personal storage. As you mature, Microsoft offers solutions for business intelligence, mobile device management, and security, the warm blanket that snuggles you tightly on a cold winters night. Planning for security is a critical success factor for your O365 implementation. It’s also one of the most difficult tasks I've had to navigate. It’s like starting a 5K run that transforms into a marathon once your foot hits the ground. The focus of my talk will be on my journey securing Microsoft O365 and Azure AD. I will highlight how I constructed my approach, successes, pitfalls and what I’m planning next. My goal is to help people on their journey through the O365 rabbit hole.