Ready Player 0x01: How Gamified Ecosystems Will Save Us All presented at BSidesPhiladephia 2019

by Evan Dornbush,

Summary : Gamified ecosystems pose many benefits to professional organizations, specifically in the areas of recruiting, retention, and assessment, and in talent identification and cultivation. This talk reviews several academic papers studying the effectiveness of gaming's role in modern workforce development. It describes how gamified ecosystems apply to cybersecurity workforce development issues. It also covers several options on how attendees can start their own gamified programs and get involved. By the end of this presentation, attendees will be aware of several gamified solutions in use throughout corporate and government organizations today. Attendees will be exposed to some of the scientific community's findings on the effectiveness of gaming as it applies to the hu- man brain, and in particular to the cybersecurity community. Attendees will have tangible steps they can take to create a gamified solution for their specific work environment.