802.11ax: The Next Generation presented at TexasTechnologySummit 2019

by David Black,

Summary : Up until now WiFi has focused on achieving higher speeds or PHY rates. Now the focus is on improved efficiency capacity, higher capacity, and reduced congestion. Simply put, 802.11ax is designed to improve the way WiFi works. Future networks will face an ever increasing demand to efficiently move more data from a very diverse range of devices whose bandwidth requirements range from extremely low to blinding fast. An increasing number of competing networks will generate massive amounts of interference, and with only a limited number of channels available, the 802.11 protocol as we know it today will be hopelessly overwhelmed. 802.11ax is designed to meet the needs by delivering higher capacity, reducing congestion, increasing battery life, and extending range. If you are interested in learning how 802.11ax will improve the way WiFi works, come to our presentation and learn about the next generation of WiFi.