Four Critical Errors in Becoming a Digital Services Broker - And How to Fix Them presented at TexasTechnologySummit 2019

by Heman Smith,

Summary : Many IT leaders are given rapid-fire directives from business leaders who are on the "digital" bandwagon, but who don't really understand what it means, what it takes, and what outcomes are best for them. IT leaders need a model to use in guiding the business' adoption of digital initiatives so that they can deliver the best result - every time - and the business sees IT as the best digital reinvention partner. This is a working session where each attendee will map out and take home a Digital Services Broker ReInvention Model framework. The framework covers essential factors of reinvention in the following areas: 1. Leadership & Teams - Making Sure You Can Execute on Your Vision 2. Digital Services Operating Model - Accelerating Innovation & Delivering Radical Results 3. Technology Decisions are Different in Digital Services - It's Not IT as Usual