Cybraics Interactive Presentation: The Top 12 Security Challenges and How AI/Machine Learning is Evolving presented at CyberSecuritySummitAtlanta 2019

by Pete Nicoletti,

Summary : In this presentation we’ll discuss a number of issues contributing to the increasing number of breaches and how we can leverage the latest advances in AI/ML to turn this trend around.The issues that we’ll discuss are: Conventional tools only combat known attacks. The incredible increasing volume of data. Outsourced Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) Operations are mostly failing at preventing breaches. Alert Overload. Lack of Security Professionals. Lack of subscribing to and managing environments to a Security Framework. Average time to fully contain a breach is lengthening. The cost of a breach remains very expensive. The length of time to identify a breach is barely improving. Efficacy of Conventional Security tools averages only 85%. Almost every company needs more money for cybersecurity but won’t get it. Web Sites and Servers are not kept up with patches.For each of the above challenges there are new approaches that need to be understood and potentially leveraged to reduce risk.