Applied Session: Addressing Privacy Concerns as the City of Winnipeg Combines Innovation, Connectivity & Data for Service Improvement - A Case Study presented at Privacy&SecurityConference 2019

by Ryan Smith,

Summary : Seven years ago Winnipeg’s 650 signalized intersections were looked after by one man, Construction ruled the roads, paperwork was king and little to no information was available to drivers. In 2017 Winnipeg’s first Transportation Management Centre (TMC) opened bringing about changes that turned Winnipeg’s traffic information from Jurassic to Jetsons. With over 160 camera’s capturing traffic information 24/7 for over 60% of the regional road network, the TMC has begun to revolutionize the driving experience through innovation and information.Sharing traffic information through crowdsourcing apps by remotely accessing cameras that have the ability to zoom in as far as three kilometres has raised significant privacy concerns. This case study will describe how information and data flow through the TMC’s technologies and the steps taken to identify and mitigate privacy concerns in order to ensure compliance with current privacy legislation.