Common Cloud Migration Mistakes and How to Prevent Them presented at TechnoSecurity&DigitalForensics 2019

by Ayman Elsawah,

Summary : When migrating to the cloud, many companies make the same mistakes. Often called a “Lift and Shift”, organizations literally just copy their VMs from the data center and dump them in the cloud taking any security debt along for the ride. Although the principals and end result are similar, implementation of security in the cloud is very different than traditional data center security. During this session, the presenter will share how to learn from others’ mistakes and understand best practices when migrating to prevent these problems from occurring in your deployment. This session will share how to take advantage of access to security tooling in the cloud that may not have been available previously. Attendees will learn; Common mistakes that occur when migrating to the cloud; Best practices for a secure migration to the cloud; How to ready your team and application for migrating to the cloud; and How to take advantage of native cloud tooling to advance security in your own environment.